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I was forever getting into trouble at school for daydreaming and living in a world of my own.  I was told I would never earn my living that way... funny how wrong some teachers can be!  I always knew I would be a storyteller


My first ambitions were to be a writer, I even started writing my first novel at the age of nine and would spend most evenings taping away on Dad's old fashioned typewriter to create new stories for friends to act in.   My first poem was published when I was 14 and it was one of the most thrilling days of my life to see my name in a book.

Today I am a stand-up comedian performing her  my own material and a freelance writer with several articles published including the cover story in an American metaphysical magazine called The Indicator.

I have also written and illustrated a  children's book called "Santa  and the Stolen Sleigh"   

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Plays and Screenwriting


At first, I was writing for fun for my friends to practice their acting and then I started getting compared to Richard Curtis and Alan Bennett and was urged to write plays.    My first short play “Something Green” was runner up at the York script factory.  


I went on to write a produce a series of short films including the romantic comedy "Plus One"  and "Lost" which were filmed in association with V-Pac productions.

The acting school Act4TV in Manchester produced three of my short film scripts including "The Interview",  "Love" and "Stay" which were screened at The Feb Film Fest in Manchester.   A huge compliment from casting director Michael Jackson was that it was the first time he saw his wife, fellow casting director Beverly Keough,  cry when reading a script as she read "Love".   Considering she casts for Last Tango and Happy Valley, this was amazing to me

I am now a regular on BBC uploads, with my ghost story “Fault on Floor Three” and shorts "Forever Home" and "Lost" all recently played on BBC Radio York.

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What's Next


Crime Thriller

Producer and Co-Writer

What started off as an exercise on dialogue in a writing class has now turned into my first feature film!   Currently in development, I am thrilled to announce that Huddersfield based production company Isaac Who will be shooting the project and talented actor John Love will not only be starring in the film alongside me, but will also be my co-writer.

Filming is set to take place in early 2022 in York and North Yorkshire



Co-Writer with comedian
Kate Smurthwaite

Before Lockdown, I was the support act for Kate Smuthwaite's Stand-up Tour.   It was a throw away joke I made when driving Kate to the train station that led to the idea of a very dark and funny sitcom based on a murderous agent and actress.

Writing has been put temporarily on hold while Kate tours

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